The Ashley Lashley Foundation seeks young global ambassadors through the It’s Hey campaign initiatives


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Ashley Lashley Foundation strives to keep the conversation about health and climate change relevant, especially among young people. The foundation was established in December 2019 and continues to expand with a variety of programs to help educate young people around the world about health and the environment. The Ashley Lashley Foundation is mastering youth climate and health initiatives, with programs such as The HEY campaignthat strengthens action on climate change and its impact on health while creating a stronger connection through concrete advocacy efforts.

The HEY campaign will officially launch The Hey YouTube campaign channel on May 25, 2022 to 10:00 UTC-4 which will be targeted to specific topics of conversation around youth health and climate, such as Create a sports environment for young people living with a disability, and many more. The HEY Campaign is delighted to welcome new and fresh Ambassadors who are excited to start the discussion in their respective locations as Hey 2022 Campaign Ambassadors applications open until June 30, 2022 to 23:59 UTC-4. For full application details, please visit The Hey Ambassador application page at

The HEY campaign

The 2022 HEY Ambassador Program brings together leading climate change activists for a 9-month intergenerational program with support from UNICEF and other partners. The program strengthens action against climate change and its impact on health, while creating a deeper connection and relationship through its practical advocacy efforts. The goal of the Hey campaign is to continue to actively spread the conversation globally with its HEY Ambassadors around the world.

The Ashley Lashley Foundation

The Ashley Lashley Foundation has been a national and global advocate for highlighting environmental and health issues affecting small island developing states, with a particular focus on youth climate initiatives.UNCIEF Eastern Caribbean, Clara Lionel Foundation, Children’s Environmental Rights Initiative, and #ClimateHealthAction are among the partners of the Ashley Lashley Foundation.

Ashley Lashley
Ashley Lashley is a UNICEF Youth Advocate Barbados which focuses on social development issues such as health, environment and women’s rights. As an environmental and health advocate, Ashley has established, with partners, a number of social intervention programs primarily designed to address these issues around the world. Ashley received recognition from Barbados Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Optimist Club for his advocacy and efforts on non-communicable diseases. To learn more about The Ashley Lashley Foundation, please visit

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