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WARREN – Young people from North-Mar Church in Warren were joined by young people from Westgate Chapel Church in Toledo as they spent Tuesday, the first of three days, working in the community to help people in the need.

Ricky Glenn, a college youth pastor in North-Mar, said the event called SERVE is a three-day local mission trip where young people can be “the hands and feet of Jesus”.

Crews will continue today with landscaping, mulching, pulling weeds, trimming shrubs and picking up litter, among other tasks, for church and community members in need of help. ‘a hand.

“We want to help those who have experienced loss or hardship, the elderly or those facing poverty. We lend a hand, said Glenn.

He said nearly 70 young people and more than 30 adult volunteers are taking part.

Several teams could be seen returning to the church parking lot on Tuesday morning with large tree branches and other items to throw away. Others loaded mulch into wheelbarrows.

Some groups went shopping for single mothers and others needed help.

“I bring the teams together and give them a place to go. We have 40 sites in Warren, Howland, Cortland, Lordstown and one in Struthers. We try to keep it local,” said Glenn.

“We want to show the importance of serving. It’s about being ready to go and serve.” he said.

Jervaiya Slaughter, 12, from Warren, said she helps with grocery shopping for young mothers.

“It feels good to know that you are helping someone else. It is an amazing feeling to help others. They appreciate the help,” said slaughter.

Arielle Russell of Howland, a team leader, said her group went to Aldi to help mums.

“They were so grateful. You could tell how blessed they felt. They were able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. We often take things for granted when we go to the grocery store about what we buy and what we really need,” Russell said.

McDonald’s Valerie Flanigan, a team leader, said the youngsters spoke to the families they helped to make it more personal.

Hannah Toth of Newton Falls, team leader, said teams have also learned what it’s like in some countries where women and children carry water for miles for their families.

“It raises awareness of the water crisis in parts of the world like Africa and South America. We hauled a 5 gallon water jug ​​filled with water as a team for several miles to find out what other people are doing every day. If someone got bored of carrying, there was someone else to help out and take their turn,” said Toth.

She said team members sang songs as they carried the water for 4 miles.

“It’s amazing to see the passion of the kids. They do things knowing that’s what Christ would do,” said Toth.

Toledo’s Korbin Holrgrieve said he was happy to come to Warren to help. He said carrying water was difficult at times but worth seeing what others are doing around the world.

Josh Cook, a team leader at Westgate Chapel Church, said it’s important for churches to work together to get things done,

“We can show that we are good examples by helping others”, he said.

Glenn said the youngsters will be treated to a trip to the Kalahari Indoor Water Park in Sandusky on Thursday for the work they have done.

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