The Jack Petchey Foundation rewards the youth of Harrow for their incredible achievements


Maya Mistry receives her award of excellence from the Jack Petchey Foundation

Submitted by the Jack Petchey Foundation

73 amazing young people from schools and colleges in Harrow, London received their prestigious Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards presented at a live digital event.

The digital event celebrated Excellence Award winners aged 11 to 25 from Harrow for their contributions to their school / college community. The winners received medallions and framed certificates from the Foundation ahead of the online event, as well as a grant of £ 250 to be spent benefiting their school or youth group.

In addition, six adults received Leader awards for demonstrating their exceptional ability to motivate young people. They each received a medallion and a framed certificate.

Among the Excellence Award winners is 15-year-old Maya Mistry, who attends Pinner High School in Greater London.

Maya is a young caregiver for her brother and wakes up every day at 5:30 am to take on various daily responsibilities for him. Despite this challenge, Maya always finishes all of her schoolwork and never complains, always having a positive outlook in life and especially in school.

Maya Mistry receives her award of excellence from the Jack Petchey Foundation

Maya said, “Winning the Jack Petchey Achievement Award made me proud of my accomplishments. I am very grateful for this award and am still so surprised to have received the Jack Petchey Achievement Award. “

Laureate Maya decided to spend her £ 250 Jack Petchey Achievement Award on equipment for the school to further the learning experiences of her peers.

Sir Jack founded the Jack Petchey Foundation in 1999 to recognize the positive contributions of young people to society and help them realize their potential. Since then, the Foundation has supported over 2,000 youth initiatives in London and Essex and has invested over £ 133 million.

Sir Jack Petchey CBE, 95, said: “I am passionate about our rewards program which enables young people to be recognized, valued and rewarded for their achievements and positive contributions to society.

The Jack Petchey Foundation has worked with schools and youth groups across Harrow providing funding of £ 995,849 to schools and youth clubs in the area.


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