Travis Kelce Launches UC Student-Athlete Health and Wellness Endowment Fund


Zach Stipe

Assistant AD / Communications

(CINCINNATI, Ohio – November 9, 2022)Kansas City Chief and Former Cincinnati Bearcat Travis Kelce announced that his Eighty seven and the race Foundation will make a substantial contribution to the University of Cincinnati Department of Athletics by launching a Bearcats student-athlete health and welfare endowment.

The endowment will fund the Cincinnati Department of Sports Psychology and Counseling, directly impacting and assisting the 450 student-athletes at Kelce’s alma mater, expanding the staff and staff of Director of Sports Psychology Lenecia Nickell in the process.

The grant ensures that all UC student-athletes will have ongoing access to the care and services needed to be mentally and physically strong, confident and resilient.

“During my time at UC, I developed a strong infrastructure of people around me to help me navigate everyday life as a student-athlete,” Kelce said. “The transition from high school to college was difficult; it was an emotional rollercoaster at times dealing with my academic responsibilities and mastery on the field. There was little to no room for error in the classroom and on the field. Being able to have this support system in place is part of the reason I decided to create this endowment and give back to my alma mater and their athletic department. I’m at a point in my career where I can share my experiences and lend resources to provide college student-athletes with the help they need to become the best versions of themselves they can be.”

Kelce played at UC from 2009 to 2012, scoring eight touchdowns in his final season before heading to the NFL where he played for the Chiefs for the past decade, establishing himself as one of the most great tight ends in NFL history.

“We are honored to have Travis Kelce launch this transformational endowment for our student-athletes,” said UC Athletic Director John Cunningham. “This is a truly special gift from Travis because he comes from a former student-athlete for current and future student-athletes, but also because he will impact student-athletes for years to come. .

“Travis is a tremendous ambassador for the University of Cincinnati and we are grateful for his continued support of our athletes and our athletic department. Mental health is a crucial part of college athletics. Travis’ donation will ensure that Cincinnati remains at the forefront of support for all UC athletes.”

Kelce is a dedicated philanthropist who is passionate about helping the lives of young people facing adversity. He founded Eighty-Seven & Running in 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri. The organization aims to help underserved youth become productive citizens by creating engaging mentorship programs that help them explore and develop their abilities while learning essential life skills.

“Nurturing mental and physical health is crucial to developing a prosperous future for student-athletes,” said Andre Eanes, Kelce’s business manager, and himself a former Cincinnati Bearcat.
The University has built an incredible foundation to meet the physical needs of student-athletes, which is just as important as supporting their mental health, as both are essential to optimizing well-being and excellence with performance in classroom, on the pitch and their lives beyond. sports.”

About eighty-seven and the race
Eighty-Seven & Running helps underserved youth become productive citizens by mentoring and motivating them to explore and develop their abilities while learning essential life skills. Founded in 2015, we have remained dedicated to providing resources and enrichment opportunities to young people and their communities through fundraising, sports programs, mentorship and outreach initiatives. Our mission is to empower disadvantaged youth to succeed by providing resources and support to their communities and cultivating their talent in education, business, athletics, STEM and the arts. We seek to change outcomes for underserved youth in communities across the United States by creating access to opportunity, enrichment, and advancement.

About Cincinnati Athletics

The University of Cincinnati Department of Athletics competes at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics with a vision to achieve Next Level Success for the 18 university teams and more than 500 student-athletes. The Bearcats have a proud athletic history, winning eight national championships and 117 conference titles. Cincinnati’s men’s basketball team is among the top 15 winningest programs of all time, while the football team became the first American Athletic Conference program to make the college football playoffs in 2021 Olympic gold medalist, volleyball player Jordan Thompson, NBA Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson and Major League Baseball legend Sandy Koufax are among the personalities who have competed as the Bearcats.

UC student-athletes collectively posted an overall average of 3,369 in the spring of 2021 with 77% honor roll earning spots, while six student-athletes received CoSIDA Academic All-America honors.

Led by Athletic Director John Cunningham and supported by over 150 full-time staff, The mission of UC Athletics is to relate our community, to improve our university and impact the lives of student-athletes as they prepare to change the world on and off the field.

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