US cell phone program to help fund youth groups | Business


As schools in the Rocky Mount area are once again welcoming students to classes and in-person learning, sports teams, after-school STEM programs and organizations are looking for ways to continue their respective programming.

The pandemic has derailed many in-person activities in 2020, forcing some groups to find other ways to get the funding and support they need for the next school year.

Funding for these activities is usually supplemented with in-person opportunities, such as selling treats or washing cars, but with the increase in COVID-19 cases in parts of the country, the options for socially fundraising remote become more practical and secure solutions.

US Cellular’s Community Connections program gives K-12 groups a virtual way to raise up to $ 1,000, whether they need STEM equipment, new uniforms, or new instruments for the school group. Organizers can register their group at to start earning sponsorship support online.

“2020 has been a tough year for everyone, especially for many academic and athletic groups and organizations that rely on fundraising and donations,” said Tesha Jones, manager of the US Cellullar store in Rocky Mount. “We hope that through local and virtual initiatives such as Community Connections, we can always support the goals our children and students here at Rocky Mount have set for themselves while doing so in a safe and responsible manner.”

Once registered, local nonprofit academic and sports groups representing youth up to grade 12 have 14 days to rally friends, families and supporters to complete online activities, including responding to short polls, watch videos or follow US Cellular on its social networks. Each completed activity earns money that goes directly to the organization – up to $ 1,000 – and the website makes it easy to share the information on social media.

Since the program began in 2015, US Cellular has awarded $ 1.4 million to nearly 3,100 groups nationwide. For more information and to view the official rules, visit


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