Violence against women and girls will be at the center of the youth review group


VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS (VAWG) and how the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police work to prevent and respond to it has been chosen as the first area for consideration by a group of young people volunteers.

The volunteer group was set up by police and crime commissioner, Donna Jones, to challenge police practices.

The VAWG was chosen as the top topic in light of the growing number of reports that women do not feel safe going out, whether on foot, to school, college or university, or on the road. a night out.

The group explained how, since Sarah Everard’s death, more and more women and girls have spoken out about their experiences of harassment, chat calls, cyber flashes, unwanted sexual advances and sexual abuse. .

A recent YouGov study found that 41% of millennial women received an unsolicited photo of a man’s private parts.

The Independent Strategic Advisory Group on Youth (YIAG) will examine the issue of VAWG in terms of police practices such as new laws that could help police tackle the problem.

At their first meeting on the subject, members heard from MP Maria Miller who explained how MPs passed new laws to tackle issues such as upskirting, stalking and pornographic revenge.

She said: “One of my priorities is to work to make our community safer, in particular by addressing the violence that women and girls experience in everyday life, including online and through social media.

“I was especially grateful to hear YIAG’s reflections on how to tackle sexual harassment in schools and in our local community at large. ”

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones established the Independent Strategic Advisory Group on Youth, to examine and challenge policing practices to improve service and how the force interacts with youth .

The group is made up of 19 volunteers aged 14 to 25.

She said: “It is important that I and the police are in contact with young people and that we hear what they think about issues that affect them.

“It’s an ever-changing world, especially the digital world, and more can be done to help women and girls stay safe and feel safe.”

The YIAG will seek input from their communities as part of the review process and will soon be launching its call for testimonials and an online survey.

Upon completion of the review, YIAG members will present their findings directly to senior police officers.


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