Young Christians and Muslims plan peace summit in November


Worried about the wave of killings across the country, young Christians and Muslims under the auspices of the National Council of Muslim Youth Organization and the Christian Youth Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) prepare for a summit on peace, unity and national integration.

Leaders of the two faith-based youth organizations announced this during a speech to reporters on Wednesday in Abuja.

YOWICAN President Belusochukwu Enwere, speaking to reporters, said that at the moment Nigeria is facing many challenges in all regions, young Christians and Muslims are coming together to ensure they maintain the peace and unity in the country.

“I am happy to let you know today that we are proposing a Summit for Peace, Unity and National Integration which is the first of its kind in the history of Nigeria,” he said.

He said the summit will be designed to create an inclusive and interactive platform anchored by the youth of Nigeria under the two major faith-based organizations to chart a noble path to achieve the goal of a peaceful, secure and sustainable Nigeria.

“It is indeed interesting to note that the peace summit necessitated by the relentless security concerns, killings and banditry that have plagued Nigeria in recent times, ranging from insurgency, kidnappings, clashes between shepherds and farmers and other acts of crime which have resulted in the loss of life and property.

“We call on young people to embrace peace and stop the unrest in the south of the country and other parts of the country and to come to the round table and discuss the way forward.”

For his part, the National Chairman of the National Council of Muslim Youth Organization, Sani Suleiman, the trip so far to Nigeria has been very difficult due to insecurity and unrest for separation.

“If we look at Nigeria as a country today and look at how far we have come so far, we can say that the journey has been very difficult, as we look at the journey of our coexistence as a people, on the basis of ethnicity, religious and sectoral origin where we look at the social origin of Nigerians and how Nigerians fare economically.

“If we look at how the problems of insecurity plague different parts of the country and in particular, if we look at the country’s greatest asset which are the young people, being at the center of all the problems, either as political thugs or in the center of regional and ethnic unrest or center of banditry or crime across the country, ”he said.

Suleiman said solving these issues goes beyond press conferences, hosting youth summits, sitting in the comfort of a room to speak, but all hands should be on the deck where politicians and leaders play their part.

“We have come to understand that to solve these problems, all hands must be on the bridge, politicians have roles to play, people in positions of authority from president to governors, down to government level. local must play their role. own roles to meet these challenges.

He said that it is necessary to go to these communities and engage with the young people in these communities who are involved in these issues.

“For us to address these issues, we offer a systematic engagement process by creating a platform where we can talk to each other and build our identity as Nigerians.

“Let us join hands and support our traditional chiefs, our political leaders to improve Nigeria by working as young people to tackle the challenges of drug addiction, violence, crime and let us stand up as young Nigerians to say that tomorrow will be better for us, ”added Soliman.

Enwere further said that the two youth groups are working for the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria. He said the peace summit to be held in the first week of November this year will put all the turmoil, wrangling and everything that has happened in the country so far on the table.

“We call on our leaders at all levels to fully support this agenda. At the end of the peace summit, we propose to submit the report to the President and the National Assembly for implementation, ”he added.


Insecurity: young Christians and Muslims plan a summit for peace in November

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