Young environmental activists call funders for “Climate Chaos”


“The fossil fuel industry is the number one enemy for us personally,” Allah said.

Representatives for BlackRock did not respond to a request for comment.

Many young people have decided to take the day to strike and the organizers have included an exemption from school on their website.

“Asthma is the most common reason for school absences, and climate change is linked to several well-known asthma triggers, including extreme heat, air pollution, allergies and mold,” says the note. “Students around the world are claiming their right to inherit a habitable planet, and we support them in this fight.”

Lizbeth Ibarra, 17, high school student and organizer of Youth vs. Apocalypse said that “investments in the fossil fuel industry are also investments in destroying my future”.

Loryan Boyette Tindall, a 5th grade student at Manzanita SEED Elementary School in Oakland, said he suffered from asthma.

“It doesn’t help when there are smoky days,” he said.

Boyette Tindall came with accompanying parents and classmates to send the message that young people are invested in keeping fossil fuels in the ground. He said he plans to be a climate activist for the rest of his life.

Elizabeth Hoover paints a mural that reads: “Water is Life”, with the group Idle No More SFBay, on the 400 block of Howard Street in San Francisco on October 29, 2021, as part of a strike climate before the Glasgow Climate Summit. (Beth LaBerge / KQED)

Many protesters have targeted BlackRock, where CEO Larry Fink runs one of the world’s largest fossil fuel investment portfolios, worth $ 87 billion. Fink pushed BlackRock to vote against shareholders’ resolutions that were climate friendly, according to The Guardian. Other reports indicate that the company has $ 85 billion invested in coal. In 2019, BlackRock was also one of the biggest investors in PG&E.

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