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STEUBENVILLE — After all, the city council doesn’t have to worry about launching a summer lunch program for young people.

Second Ward Councilor Tracy McManamon said hardly had it been heard on the streets that the council was concerned the nutritional needs of children in the community would not be met when school was not in session, he was bombarded with messages advising him just the opposite.

“Not only is Urban Mission, in cooperation with Sycamore Center, already doing this, but they’ve been doing it for two years now,” he said. “They have provided over 5,500 meals to children over the past two years through Steubenville City Schools, Monday through Thursday and weekends. Several hundred children have been fed in recent weeks thanks to this effort.

At Tuesday’s meeting, McManamon said there were eight distribution sites in Steubenville, and some in Wintersville as well.

“I wanted to set the record straight because it’s important for people to support our city’s efforts and be duly recognized, and to make sure we’re all aware of all the great efforts that all of these organizations…are doing. for our children, especially when it comes to food.

Third Ward Councilor Eric Timmons said he also spoke with Bobbyjon Bauman of the Sycamore Center, who told him that group’s involvement would continue.

“I wasn’t talking about the school year, I was talking about the summer (meal program)” The councilor for the 4th district, Royal Mayo, intervened.

“It’s the summer food program,” Mc Manamon replied

Mayo said the Martin Luther King Recreation Center and the North End Ballpark were hosting the summer nutrition program, but he no longer sees it there. Recreation director Lori Fetherolf said that was because there had been low turnout at those venues.

“We only had three or four kids come to MLK in the last few years when we did it,” said Fetherolf. She added that Urban Mission stops include social housing complexes.

The Board approved the appointment of Sue Hogue for a three-year term with the Regional Transit Authority and scheduled a meeting of the Utilities Committee for 6 p.m. on March 1 to discuss the use of US stimulus program funds to water and sewer needs, followed at 7 p.m. by a service committee. Meet.

Mayo also told the board “No one has answered me yet” about the unsolved murders in the city, saying families need and deserve answers. “I would like to have regular meetings about this.”

Mayo also said he still hasn’t had a chance to speak with City Manager Jim Mavromatis about a Jan. 20 use-of-force incident on Maryland Avenue.

The arresting officer said he had to use his clenched fist to subdue Quentin Hill, 18, who was wanted for a firearms violation and known to carry weapons, after he allegedly resisted to his arrest last month.

Hill has since been bound to the grand jury on charges of incapacitated weapons, improper handling of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property and criminal possession of drugs. The charges stem from a Jan. 15 incident in which police located a backpack linked to Hill that contained a large amount of marijuana, “an AK-47 style pistol with a loaded magazine as well as an in-chamber cartridge that additionally happens to be fitted with an aftermarket trigger that can allow for some type of burst or automatic rate of fire. “

Hill also received felony warrants out of juvenile court for concealed possession, possession of a disabled weapon, and felony assault. He also has a probation violation out of juvenile court.

The officer trying to serve a January 20 arrest warrant on Hill said he tried to flee, “actively fight to escape” and alleged that he ignored instructions to put his hands behind his back. The arresting officer told Hill “held his arms under his body and near his coat pockets and belt.”

“I think it was excessive use of force,” Mayo reiterated. “I don’t know if it was consistent with the training, to me it felt like a fight… (To me) it felt like a person getting punched in the face. We have to understand that a bit better. I don’t know not if we need an outside investigation, but my constituency is not happy with that. My constituency feels that this is only happening to my constituency, and they are not happy with that.

“I saw the video” replied Timmons, who has previously argued with Mayo over the incident. “I’m going to defend the officer… It doesn’t matter your color or your economic background (where you come from – if a police officer tells you to stop, you stop. This guy was resisting, he was wanted during a shooting he was known to carry guns – if it was my own daughter I hope the officer would do the same if she resists and is wanted in a shooting.” I support this police officer. I wouldn’t want their job for sure. I’m glad he got home safe and sound that night.”

“Both returned home safe and sound,” Willie Paul, city councilor for the 5th arrondissement, said.

“I’m glad you said that, Willie,” Maya replied “Some people tend to think that only one group of people should get home safely.”

Sixth Ward Councilman Mike Hernon said this was the third time Mayo had brought the incident to council.

“I don’t think anyone disputes your passion, your interest in it, and that there’s substance you want to get into,” he said. “But I don’t think it’s the body to keep talking about it. The media heard you; your constituents have heard you. I think you have to do the work, and that’s not going to happen here — it’s a body where we talk about ordinances and resolutions. We are talking about committees. It’s appropriate that you raise these concerns, I don’t want to dismiss them. But the proper position for this council should be focused on improving our community. Bringing something for the third time just seems like grandstanding to me.

Hernon told Mayo at this point, “You must meet the manager and the head of the city.”

“This body heard you. You have made your point. I think we need to move on so that we as a community can see what is best for us,” he said.

Mayo wanted to continue the discussion, but Mayor Jerry Barilla denied his request.

“No, we’re going to end it” Barilla said.

“I’m going to refute it on television”, Maya replied

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