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Technology Blog

Third-Party Integration

Most modern web applications rely on a variety of integrations with 3rd party vendors and services to effectively provide the tools and features that end users expect. These articles cover areas as diverse as integration with social auth and SSO,a variety of payment processors, utilizing services from a variety of cloud infrastructure providers and more.

How to Use Amazon S3 Storage for Select Apps

At Imaginary Landscape, we often have the need to add remote file storage capabilities for our clients. At first glance, this sounds easy enough: "pip install django-storages", add the right credentials, and boom, you're done! However, this was not the case for one particular situation we encountered. We didn't want...

Introducing django-nocaptcha-recaptcha

This week, Google announced a radically new way of handling human detection with a revamped reCAPTCHA.  This new iteration, called No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA replaces the hard-to-read distorted text image transcription with a simple checkbox. We've never been big fans of CAPTCHA technology.  It transfers the burdeon of proof from the server to...