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Articles by David Bertrand

Migrate Away from cmsplugin-filer in a Few Easy Steps

Companion code for this post: If you've been building projects using django CMS for any length of time, chances are you're familiar with Divio's cmsplugin-filer application which provided image, link, file, folder and video plugins for interacting with django-filer. And if you're here, chances are you're aware that cmsplugin-filer has now...

Django CMS Plugin Authenticated User Variations

Note: a companion app for this post can be found here: In a recent project using django CMS, we found ourselves in need of serving alternate plugin content to authenticated users. This is not the first time a request such as this has been made, and on past occasions...

Better UI prototyping with a Django twist

As part of our new appreciation for start-up organizations and their love of Django, we thought we’d share how we approach the concept of rapid UI prototyping. Early stage start-up companies often need a proof of concept to help convey the vision of the new business model. Yes, there is...